Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heading to CAnada for Outgames

Heading to CAnda to support my soccer team, Im not sure if im going to have fun on crutches as my usual party fun schedule. 

Following the arrival of the flags at Vancouver Art Gallery on Monday, July 25 the OPENING PARTY at Club Five-Sixty will kick off the week-long celebrations. Meet the fabulous athletes, artists and party-goers who will be celebrating the Outgames and Pride for the week ahead!  Doors open at 7:00 pm and this party goes late. Check out the WomenZone in the upstairs lounge.
Dynamic duo DESTINEAK always presents an energetic, action-packed show as DJ / Drummer Bobby James and uber-talented vocalist Christina Sing crank out the hits.
SUGARBEACH will be performing their Outgames theme song ‘Come on Out’. 
Acclaimed dancer, choreographer and actor, TYRELL WITHERSPOON will play his unique blend of pop and dance.
WAACOUTURE – the first Waacking, Funk and House dance crew of its kind in Vancouver pays homage to the gay community's 1970's underground vogueing and waacking movement which is growing in popularity all around the world. 
DJ JEFFERY MICHAEL will command the dance floor with one hard-hitting beat after another with his sounds of electro, top 40 mash-ups and progressive house.
Host DAVID C. JONES, one of the funniest minds in Vancouver, twice awarded the Best Comedian in Vancouver award by readers of the Georgia Straight, will have you laughing hysterically when you’re not busting a move on the dance floor.

Tales of the City at Curran Theatre

Saw this musical couple of weeks ago, after two days that i tore my achilles.  I bought the tickets from Goldstar and they were nice enough to change our tickets to the aisle seats.  This show was over rated, I didn't really like the story nor the singing parts of it.  I was kinda bored during the first half of the show.  The singing and lyrics were not quite powerful enough for me.  Also i guess, i never really seen the original movie.  I try not to read so much of the story before watching the show/musical because i want to figure out the story myself and by reading about it, it kills the whole experience for me.  I rate this musical from 1 to 10, i give it at 4.


Tore my achiles but life goes on....

I will start blogging in few weeks, unfortunately i completely tore my achilles couple weeks ago and just had surgery a week ago.  So now, I'm moving around with my crutches,  and  i'm taking few weeks or months off from work and night life.  I will be heading to Canada in few weeks, so i'll link some photos and will try to move out and about with my crutches.  :-)